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Since I wrote this article I have received many calls inquiring about this method of punishment.   However, I rarely see it.   It is still in the code of criminal procedure, however the statute number was CHANGED AS SET FORTH BELOW: Here is the UPDATED law from the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure: ART. 42A.201.  CONTINUING

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Expunctions Law What You Need to Know

Expunction Chart Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Art. 55.01, et seq. Procedure(s) for Expunction Authorizing Statute Misdemeanors Person released, and Charge no longer pending, and No resulting final conviction or community supervision per Art. 42.12, other than a Class C Misdemeanor and No felony conviction for five years preceding the arrest date. Art. 55.01(a)(2)(B), (C) Felonies

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Texas Expunction Law Changes – 82nd legislature

TEXAS EXPUNCTION LAW CHANGES Source Texas District and County Attorney’s Association How the 82nd Legislature changed Chapter 55 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the better—and for worse Assistant Criminal ­District Attorney in Collin County The dust has settled, the compromises have been struck, and the ink is drying. The 2011 legislative session is

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New Changes to Nondisclosures in Texas

Source: Texas District and County Attorney’s Association: By Andrea L. Westerfeld New Texas Non-disclosure Laws 2015 By Andrea L. Westerfeld Assistant Criminal­ ­District Attorney in Collin County An attempt to summarize the changes made to Government Code §411.081(d) and help prosecutors through potential new pitfalls. It was confusing, but it was ours. The nondisclosure statute

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